Ayano Aishi is Nakano Yurika's childhood friend, she is totally quiet and unemotional. Her feelings is empty, Her soul is empty... Her mood is over cool... Her behavior is like kuudere and she acts like it. In 2017, it's seems so different of her type. She acts so different then before. She has feeling on Taro Yamada and getting jealous of any kind of girls... Thats meets by Taro Yamada . As Ayano Aishi is Nakano Yurika's rival at 21st as DLC actually it's depends of choices what player choices at ending meeting Taro Yamada . If Nakano Yurika choiced that route... Ayano Aishi turns into her rival as easily. But Ayano Aishi couldn't just throw her relationship and go against Nakano Yurika calling her "Traitor" Ayano Aishi has really good relationship with Nakano Yurika


Ayano Aishi had crush on Aru Ishido at childhood... But she suddenly broke him up. The most thing that Ayano Aishi likes spiky hair boy with black hair and black eyes that is so strong and powerful boy.... And his club should be Karate for making her fall in love. Ayano Aishi just changed her hairstyle to ponytail when she grown up to 15...