The characters are really looks like themselves, but could be so betrayal, Clone Yurika could kill Nakano Yurika if they're saw themselves and Taro Yamada fighting against to Fake Nakano Yurika  and Nakano Yurika spotting Fake Taro Yamada could be really bad thing... Because Fake Taro Yamada could hurt Nakano Yurika 's feelings by his words.

Clone Yurika is basically has crush on Aru Ishido, but Clone Yurika couldn't love Taro Yamada...

Fake Nakano Yurika detests Taro Yamada as well. Fake Nakano Yurika really acts like Nakano Yurika, but not such unfortunally...


The most thing that Fake Nakano Yurika could kill Nakano Yurika as well.

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