Kawaguchi Kaoru is 9th rival in Yandere: Past Diary. She is totally hired killer that she is always works in stealth and killing yandere girls for 1.000.000¥ She is totally works in Yandere Hunters to Aru Ishido and gets money over 1.000.000¥ She got her scar on eye by fighting against one yandere... That yandere girl cuts Kawaguchi Kaoru's eye... And now she wore the eyepatch because of scar....

Her childhood was unpleasure her mother dies in car accidents... Her father was tried to care her by himself...


She is really looks like Uryuu Minene from Mirai Nikki Her surname "Kaoru" was taken from LoveDeath 3 and LoveDeath 555 The most important is Kawaguchi Kaoru always using her knife for killing yandere girls.

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