She is over calling Taro Yamada for telling his future... What will happen, but the ball starts to get broken and Mei Matsurika said to Taro Yamada that she will fix at this night and at the night... Nakano Yurika got message from Taro Yamada about Mei Matsurika... That she is looks lovely... and Nakano Yurika starts to reject that... And starts to find her... In school at night and suddenly... She saw many policemans.... Standing far of front her... And Mei Matsurika starts to see Nakano Yurika at night... And suddenly... Nakano Yurika starts to hide from her. And she starts to run in Fortune Telling club in other path... And she met an ball and starts to asking for doll and starts to put it on wall... Mei Matsurika enters to her own club and saw Taro Yamada's corpse doll and she starts to faint... and Nakano Yurika starts to laugh at her, and then starts to hide her corpse...


Mei Matsurika is such weird and stalker girl.... She always smells to male's clothes... And telling the future....

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