Nanako Shoujo likes to give herself selfie and gets her bad luck... That she always fails at taking picture of herself... And gets to hospital all times. Her first meeting with Taro Yamada wasn't good... She took picture of selfie and suddenly she got surprised of seeing Taro Yamada and her vision is got bad by getting an flash of her own phone after that... Taro Yamada gave to Nanako Shoujo his mother's glasses that her mother wore at young ages... And now Nanako Shoujo starts to get good vision and said "Thanks" to Taro Yamada and Taro Yamada said "Be careful" to her, or she will injure something.


The status telling Nanako Shoujo was transfered and ended school after hospital. (Cause Nakano Yurika didn't even touched Nanako Shoujo's corpse and Taro Yamada called an ambulance after Nakano Yurika was surprised seeing how Taro Yamada was crying at Nanako Shoujo's corpse and she woke up at hospital.