Suki Yamada is Taro Yamada's first young sister... Suki Yamada is yangire type, that is why she holds fire weapon. Suki Yamada always gets jealous of girls that gets closer to Taro Yamada and she always brings trouble. She really hates her young sister, Hanako Yamada that she is gets annoyed by her. And tells to Taro Yamada go out with her. She is also hotheaded girl and acts like tomboy... She always makes an breakfast for Taro Yamada and goes to school with bicycle, but in game she doesn't go with bicycle. She was shy and timid like Nakano Yurika in Prototype and then she turned into hotheaded.


Suki Yamada really likes to hide her secret that she likes to have her fetish... Be hidden... Mostly she looked like Suguha Kirigaya from Prototype.