The pink haired girl looking similiar to Mai Waifu (The girl from Yandere Simulator (The Sequel of Yandere: Past Diary) She has really harmful type of her personality... Likes only insult and mocking other girls that had love interest on her crush.

She is kinda acts like tsundere... But mostly.... It's not known type of her position.... Her weakness is only getting cancer of itching.... If you finish the elimination.... You will see how she really easily dies...


Tankoshoku Pinku calls Nakano Yurika as Aurbergine and Chuunibyou, but she got word back something like Pinky.... Calling her "Pinky" will cause her really angry mood that makes her punch the person that called her as that

Known bugs

Tankoshoku Pinku gets stuck when she runs off after getting injected by player (FIXED, But she is still is stuck on wall, when she normally walks) Tankoshoku Pinku rotating up and down while kicking player Tankoshoku Pinku does not react at weapon