Taro Yamada is Nakano Yurika's boyfriend. He had many girls and boys crushed on him.... Now he's totally lonely.... But Nakano Yurika is really freaking him out. Eventually he loves Nakano Yurika's feet smell and he minds it as fresh mint's leaf falls on his nose, but he knows that he doesn't like so much sniffing the foot. Because he doesn't have an foot fetish as well. Taro Yamada has 2 younger sisters called: Suki Yamada, Hanako Yamada. Taro Yamada is overly has trouble in his life, like other students from Yandere: Past Diary, Aru Ishido is always tried to help Taro Yamada out of the problems, but he can't even solve those problems.... Taro Yamada had 20 students with love interest on him, and Nakano Yurika just killed them all.


He doesn't even notice Nakano Yurika, when Nakano Yurika gets closer to him.